9gem | The Birthstone for the November Month


Citrine Gemstone

November birthdays Connect with two gems; Citrine and Yellow Topaz . The warm color of Citrine is a gift from the sun and it’s popular as a healing gemstone. This stone inspire fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new Business. It is a stone of fortune and appearance , attracting wealth and prosperity, success and all things good. It also encourages honour and sharing good fortune.

These are for the Zodiac sign Sagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 21). Citrine gemstone is the  birthstone for November and is an alternate Zodiac stone for Scorpio. It is a transparent, yellow variety of Quartz, place in color from pale to golden yellow. Much of the commercial stone on the market is heat-treated Amethyst or Smoky Quartz that create an increase color. Carry one as a ring or pendent to  attract money and stop excessive outflow.

Citrine associates with the values of hope, joyful, youth, health, and loyalty. It assists in all fast money progress, and is especially helpful in financial thinking and for commercial success.

This gemstone is an excellent crystal for mutual relationships. It easy family or group problems, and promotes solutions and friendship. It also helps in understanding and dealing with impressions from those all over us.

Yellow Topaz Gemstone

It is consider to be pleochroic, means that the stone can show different colors. Due to the pleochroic effect, the topaz stone is spot in various colors such as red, yellow, blue, pink, purple, white. The stone is birthstone of month November, thus if your birth date falls in this month, then, you must wear this stone.

It is stated that wearing this stone will bring great positive favors in your life in just a short span of time. Among different color yellow topaz and blue topaz is supposed to be the most popular colors of topaz stone.

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