How To Wear Yellow Sapphire And Its Benefits


The Yellow Sapphire gemstone has a significant place in astrology. In fact, it is consider to be one of the most powerful and mystical gemstone having the blessing and power of the planet Jupiter or Guru. It is believe to bring a lot of changes in a person’s life if worn at the perfect time because it is so powerful. It is usually wear by people who have weak placement of Jupiter in their horoscopes and wish to appease the reigning God of the planet.

As its astrological name defines, it is the ruling planet of the solar system and simply wearing it can yield the best benefits in life.

Benefits Of Yellow Sapphire

The Yellow sapphire price per carat has immense benefits for people who have been childless for a long time. It promises of great health, wealth, happiness boost fertility, which no other gemstone can do. It is said to be govern by Su-Lakshmi and happiness are bound to come your way if you work hard.

It Helps In Healing The Ailing

The mysterious stone of Pukhraj gemstone is said to emit healing rays, which soothes the body. So, if you are having health  issues, wear the gemstone to eliminate the issues in your life.

It is also said to boost self-confidence and enhances concentration, owing to the positive effects of the planet Jupiter. For those who have issues with the digestive system, it is the stone to be. It also enhances the Will Chakra in a person’s body. It can also heal the ailments  to liver and kidney.

How To Wear The Yellow Sapphire?

Before you plan to buy yellow sapphire, you have to consult with your astrologer and if it is advice to you then go ahead. Its weight should be atleast 1/10 of your body weight. For Example, if your body weight is 60 Kg, it should weigh 6 Ratti.

Ensure that it is wear on the index finger of the right hand for the right kind of effect on your body and mind. It should be remember that Thursday is the most auspicious day to wear it, especially the ‘Shukla Paksha’. It should be worn between 5 am -7 am by chanting the guru mantra.

It should also be ensure that the Yellow Sapphire should be worn with Gold and Platinum and nothing else. And, one should ensure that it touches the body all the time and should be wear like a pendant or ring. Before wearing the gemstone, wear a yellow cloth and face the North, East, and the North-East direction and sit in a meditative pose.

Ensure that the Pukhraj is dip in a mixture of honey, curd, sugar, pure ghee, and milk. This is consider to remove the impurities of the gemstone and the negative energies if any.

Price Of The Yellow Sapphire

It is one of the costly gemstones found naturally. Its price depends on its origin, colour, clarity and weight. All of these factors are collectively look into the pricing of the same. However, on an overall, the price may range from Rs 2,500 to Rs 40,000. The ones found  in Ceylon are the most expensive because of their natural clarity and colour.

It must be mention that if you want to buy Ceylon Sapphires can cost anything between Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000. Yellow Sapphire from Thailand and Bangkok are the cheapest of the lot, costing up to Rs 5,000. Sapphires are also available online. But buy authentic sapphires only with an authenticity certificate.


Mining The Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphires are usually mine in India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Thailand, Australia, U.S.A., U.K, etc. But Srilanka is the best in the world.

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