Beautiful Blue Sapphire Stone With Incredible Facts


Blue sapphire

The blue sapphire gemstone is one of the most beautiful Precious stones and  has long been regarded as a source of inspiration and fascination for a lot of people. The deep blue color of these gemstones is uniquely attractive.

 sapphire is derived from “sappheiros”, a Greek word which means “blue color”. gemstone is a variant of the corundum mineral which is a type of aluminum oxide.

 Rich, deep blue hue of the blue sapphire has captivated noble families, emperors, and kings for centuries.

Blue Sapphire stones are also greatly revered by astrologers due to their celestial energies.

Here Are Some Of The Most Interesting And Incredible Facts That You Must Know About The Blue Sapphire Stone.

• The sapphire stones are traditionally associated with royalty. It is, therefore, no wonder that the term “blue blood” came from the fact that kings and noble families used to associate themselves with the striking blue color of the sapphire stones.

• Many of the most renowned blue sapphire stone has histories of royalty associated with them. When Princes Charles married Princess Diana was back in 1981, he offered her a blue sapphire engagement ring which had an 18carat oval-shaped blue sapphire stone surrounded by small-sized diamonds. Currently, the engagement ring is worn by Kate Middleton.

• Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous French Emperor gave a beautiful sapphire engagement ring to his lover Josephine in 1796. The engagement ring had a nice pear-shaped sapphire coupled with a pear-shaped diamond, both of which were set on a gold band.

• The sapphires are known for their extreme hardness. In fact, the only material that is stronger than the sapphires is diamond.

• When worn close to the skin, the sapphires have been known to trigger mystical powers such as clairvoyance, telepathy, and intuition.

• These stones have been known to heal the mental anguish and depression. So if you are facing such problems, you can wear the sapphire stone to achieve complete peace of mind.

• The majestic beauty of the sapphire stones has made them a very popular choice when it comes to engagement rings. If you are looking to have a unique looking engagement ring that does not have diamonds in them, you can definitely option for a blue sapphire engagement ring.

• Sapphires are also extensively worn in the form of bracelets, pendants, brooches and other forms of jewelry items.

• There are numerous types of precious gemstone sapphires and some of them also show color-changing properties.

• By encouraging a person to develop his or her psychic awareness, the blue sapphire stone can help a person to cultivate a strong sense of inner wisdom which can act as a beacon of light, knowledge, truth, and guidance from within.

• The stone can also help in stimulating the energies of the throat chakra, which can enable a person to communicate such thoughts and visions to others in a creative and effective manner.

• The sapphire stone can keep a person grounded even when he or she is working towards developing creative and spiritual faculties.

• In many cases, people suffer from a lack of faith in their lives which leads to a complete sense of aimlessness. However, the blue sapphire stone can create a strong sense of devotion from within which can enable a person to learn and grow from within. It can also help in resolving inner conflict so that a person has the strength and purposefulness to achieve his or her goals.


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