Beautiful Ruby Birthstone For The Month Of July


Are you a July born? Have you been recommended a Ruby for your planetary doshas? Don’t you want to know why a Ruby is considered to be one of the 9 Ratnas or Navratnas?

The beautiful gemstone is known for its ethereal beauty, as well as for the positive effects it has on the wearer. It may also be used to celebrate the 15th or the 40th anniversaries.

Governed by the Sun, it imbibes all that is positive of the sun in the wearer. Apart from health benefits, it has many astrological benefits too.

It helps in maintaining calm for personal and career success. It is the gemstone for passion and luck. It is also said to bestow name, fame, and luck.

It also helps in getting favors from state and government agencies. Ruby helps in manifesting goals and channelizing the energy toward that goal. However, one has to work hard to achieve that goal.

It is, therefore worn by people in position or authority. People who are eager to achieve great fetes at work are also recommended this gemstone.


Ruby stone is known to have many astrological benefits. They are considered to be excellent assets to help defend one from psychic attacks of negative entities.

It’s vibrations also act as a barrier between you and the people who try to steal your energy. If you wish to increase your intensity of lucid dream, place a ruby below to the pillow for best effects.

Why Is The Ruby Beautiful?

Ruby is available in different colors and hues. The color of Ruby ranges anywhere between red to reddish-brown; however, the most popular and in-demand color is the blood-red one.

These types of Rubies are called Burmese Ruby or Burma Ruby or Pigeon blood Ruby. It should be noted here that Burmese Rubies rarely exceed several carats.

Even if they are found in larger proportions, they are mostly flawless and worth millions of dollars.

Rubies can be heat-treated for color and quality correction. Heat treatment can also eliminate the internal flaws that Rubies have.

How Star Rubies Are Cut

Natural star rubies are cut in such a way that the asterism gets highlighted. They are typically cut in cabochon with very high domes to maximize asterism.

Large star rubies are measured to be sporadic because the most common are pear-shaped and oval rubies. Most of the star rubies are native cut, which is common for most cat’s eye and star gemstones.

The cutting involves keeping an uneven bottom in order to properly orient and display the best asterism effect.

Heating often improves the color and the clarity of the rubies. But in this operation natural gemstone destroys its natural effects and not used for astrological purpose. It must be mentioned here that fracture-filling treatments for star rubies are now becoming more and more common in the gem market.


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