Do You Know The Birthstones For The Month Of August?


Birthstones have been around for centuries. People believed that they could unleash the power by wearing the gemstone of the month they were born in. There are people who still believe in this power of the gemstones, and we don’t know how much truth lies in them, but they happen to be so beautiful that they cannot be ignored.

These will be priceless in your jewelry collection and will adorn it with unique and alluring beauty. It will also bring out your personality as these gems correspond to the zodiac signs, and they pretty much sum up the personality of the people really well.

Unbeknownst to you, it might actually help you in more way than one. For starters, these gems are extremely beautiful and make great accessories for your outlook. These little gemstones go with a number of attires and fashion statements. What’s more, it could be your little signature jewelry or heirloom that you can pass over to the younger generation when it’s time.

What Are The Birthstones For The Month Of August?

If you were born in August, the gemstones that compliment your birth month are Emerald and Ruby birthstones. Although Emerald has always been the original gemstone since 1912, Ruby has been added in the later years. Emerald with its signature green color has been the gemstone of the August-born for more than a century across the globe.

Being in the month of August, emerald corresponds to both Leo and Virgo zodiac signs and has been known to be providing beauty to the August borns.


If you are an August-born you share this gemstone with a number of celebrities and powerful people from renowned actors like Robert De Niro, Mila Kunis, and Ben Affleck to music legend Madonna, tennis star Roger Federer, and even the former US President Barack Obama. All of these people are August-borns like you.

Early Egyptians treasured it as goddess Pele’s tears and were believed to protect from evil, strengthen eyes, and protect from enchantments. It was also used to attract lovers so who knows you might find the one if you haven’t already.

Metaphysical Meaning And Benefits Of Emerald

Emerald is associated with love, truth, loyalty, faithfulness, and dignity. It brings prosperity and happiness into the life. Apparently, it also helps lessen anger, jealousy, and stress in relationships.

Its healing properties can help cure problems with the eyes, heart, stomach, spleen, liver, breast, sinuses, and lungs. It have detoxification abilities and purifies the blood. In the case of mental health problems, it can help people with Bipolar disorder as it helps balance emotions.

This could be your escape from the constraining and agonizing effect of negativity and gloom. The gemstone might help you cope with those emotions and help you improve your condition by giving you all kinds of positive vibes.


For jewelry, these gems could be used for all kinds. They can be used in earrings, as pendants, or in rings and necklaces. Since they come in all shapes and sizes it is easier to adapt them to the jewelry piece you want it in. So, maybe you could give one of these jewelry pieces engrained with the gemstone to someone you love, or maybe buy it for yourself.

Adding these birthstones in your jewelry will help you carry it all the time without it being extra baggage. You can flaunt it proudly as your sign of power and your fashion statement while also bringing the power of the gemstone wherever you go. Don’t be guilty about the bad feelings that you keep having and no more hiding or shying away from them. With Emerald with you, you’ll fight with those forces with grace.


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