Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Gemstones

Buying Gemstones online can be quite daunting and nerve-wracking because natural gemstones are luxury items and have a direct influence on every aspect of your life.

Thus, people have many doubts while buying them online. But are Gemstone experts are always up for helping them with their thick chunk of gemstone information.

Here we are sharing a list of top 12 most frequently asked questions by buyers online. We hope they will be useful for you too.

1. What is the difference between a natural and synthetic gemstone?

Natural gemstones take millions of years to form naturally inside the earth’s crust.  Synthetic stones are mass-produced by humans in a laboratory within a few hours/days with chemical and physical properties exactly the same as natural gemstones. Natural gemstones are recommeneded for Astrolpogical purpose.  The most important factor which is the cause of the difference in prices.

2. Why are Natural gemstone Expensive?

Gem mines are not found all over the world, but they are discovered only in few locations. It might take another million years to discover gemstones around the world. Thus finding a clear-transparent and beautifully colored gemstone is extremely rare. Gemstones travel a long journey before they reach us. How much are you paying for such a precious gemstone? Are they really expensive? Prices are mere numbers and can never define the real value of a natural gemstone.

3. What is carat ?

Carat is the standard unit of weight around the world in which a gemstone or diamond is measured. Carat originated from the Latin word “Carratus” which relates to Carob Bean (seed).
1 Carat = 200 milligrams = 0.200 grams

4. Are your gemstone genuine & Natural ?

Absolutely Yes! You can be 100% sure when you buy a gemstone . Our buying & testing offices are well equipped with all gem testing resources and experienced  qualified gemmologists & diamantaires for efficient gem testing. It is only because of these standards & sophisticated environment, that we can guarantee the authenticity of every gemstone & diamond merchandise.

5. Is my Shipment insured & Safe?

Yes, All shipments are completely insured by 9gem. We only send our products through reputed couriers partners. For high-value shipments, 9gem partners with the industry experts in critical logistics such as Fedex & BVC.

6. Will you send the same gemstone ordred?

Yes, Every gemstone listed on our website is different from the other, with a unique product reference number. We will only ship the same gemstone which you have selected and ordered.

7. Can I return my gemstone ordered Online?

Yes, all gemstones which are ordered online on 9gem can be returned under the Delivery & Return Policy.

8. Do you accept international credit card ?

Yes, we accept all international Debit & Credit Cards.

9. How long does it take to ship my products?

We usually ship all loose gemstones within 1-2 working days. Export procedures might take additional time. If you have ordered a piece of customised jewelry, it might take 7-14 working days depending on your order.

10. Do you ship gemstones to my country ?

We ship gemstones to most of the International destinations across the globe except few countries. Please contact 9gem support to check if your country is eligible for shipping.

11. Do you also manufacture jewels or only sell loose gemstones?

We specialize in hand-crafting tailor-made jewels studded with colored gemstones & diamonds. Our jewelry designers are happy to assist you in the creation of your perfect gemstone jewel. Starting with your ideas, we will guide you through the creation process.

12: Still have any Queries?

Please contact us at our helpline number Tel: +91 9216113388